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Dr. Ross Flowers utilizes his unique international experiences in business, sport and psychology to offer a number of services to support and meet the needs of clients. He has an engaging style of working with individuals and teams to assess and address leadership, performance, professional and personal development, and behavioral health issues. Using extensively researched assessments and one-to-one feedback Dr. Flowers will design a personalized program for you to build skills, improve performance and enrich life experiences. Researched and validated practices, skills and techniques will be taught to impact presenting issues and improve presented needs. Customized engagements with individually tailored skills building interventions are designed to address specific needs of improvement.


Performance mirrors life. The skills needed to improve performance can be taught to build the necessary skills to excel in life, and transition from one area of performance to another. 

Concierge Services

Clients who wish to avoid having mental health records from their visits have the opportunity to choose concierge services. Concierge-style care offers cash-pay instead of using health insurance. 

Populations Served:


~ Agents                                                  ~ Business Professionals                         ~ Coaches 

~ C-Suite Executives                             ~ Entry to Mid-Level Managers              ~ Entertainers

~ Military                                                  ~ Law Enforcement.                                 ~ Student-Athletes

~ Olympic & Paralympic Athletes       ~ Professional Athletes                            ~ Parents/Legal Guardians

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